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HOW TO APPLY – Guidelines

Please ensure that you understand who we fund and who we are not able to fund.

We receive many applications from worthy causes, far more that we can possibly fund. Please be aware that, although you may well fit within our objects, it is not always possible to support your application.

When to apply:

The trustees meet twice a year to determine which charities are granted funds. Minor grants (maximum £1,000) are considered throughout the year. A grant meeting is held in March to consider bids under £10,000 followed by a major grant meeting in September to consider bids up to £100,000.

Deadline for applications for March meeting – 12noon on 31st December.

Deadlines for applications for September meeting – 12noon on 30th June.

Applications that arrive prior to these dates will be contacted as to whether they will be
put forward for consideration at a grant meeting. After the Trustees meeting, applications that have been put forward for consideration will be informed of the funding outcome within six weeks. Applications received after these dates will not be contacted or considered for funds.


First Stage Application

Initially, we require a brief summary of your charity’s work and an outline of the project for which you are seeking funding, via email or letter (5 copies) to the Administrator at:



The Administrator will circulate your proposal to the other trustees and, if your work is considered to meet the aims and objects of the trust, you will be invited to submit a full application, as per the guidelines on the website:

Please note:

The Soroptimist International of Rugby Charitable Trust is not normally a sole funder or starter funder. Applicants should have applied to local sources of funding and have a reasonable proportion of the funding required in place before applying to this charitable trust. If you are in any doubt about your application, please telephone the Administrator to discuss your proposal prior to submitting your application. Tel: 01788 840069.

We Do Not Fund

Not for profit groups/organisations that are not legally constituted
Not for profit organisations that do not have their own bank account
Significant fundraising appeals where the size of the grant that the SI of Rugby Charitable Trust (i.e. up to £100,000) would only represent a drop in the ocean and would be for an unspecified purpose within the appeal
Retrospective grants for expenditure already incurred
Grants to build up a surplus or reserve fund for a charity
Third party donations for onward transmission to another charity

The Next Stage

Following receipt of your application, enclosing all the items listed on the checklist, an eligibility check will be undertaken. Applications that do not meet the published criteria or have not followed the guidelines will be rejected outright. We aim to provide an efficient and transparent grant-making process. Applicants should complete the checklist below and enclose a copy with the application. The Checklist forms an important part of your application and must be completed and printed to enclose with your full application.

It is important to keep the Administrator informed if additional funds are raised whilst we are assessing your application.


PLEASE NOTE – We would advise you not to wait until the final deadline to submit your application. Large numbers of applications at the last minute means that trustees have less time to give them their fullest consideration which may affect your chances of success.

Relationship with Soroptimist International of Rugby

Does your organisation, staff, trustees or other supporters have any direct or indirect link to the SI of Rugby Charitable Trust?

When Can You Reapply?

You may reapply after one year has elapsed. The Trust does not accept applications from charities who have applied in the previous twelve months, whether they have been successful or not.

Address for Applications:

Mrs Janet Hodgson
5 Vernon Avenue,
CV22 5HL

Tel: 01788 840069



NB: If you are emailing the trust, please mark your email with the 'Subject' being your charity's name to ensure that it is opened.


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