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There have been two meetings of the trustees this year which were attended by all trustees.

There were more grant applications than in recent years and we were happy to award grants to seven charities during the year. There are more local charities that are struggling but seem to be unaware of potential sources of help.

Investment income has been low due to prevailing interest rates.

Again, I offer my thanks to the Administrator and trustees for their support - also the webmaster for his willing co-operation.


Helen Creery



This has been a year of change – we were happy to welcome Maureen Meadows as a new Trustee and to see existing trustees take on new offices. The two meetings were attended by all Trustees.

Grant applications have again been disappointing – there were no applications during the year for the highlighted focus on Visual Impairment. Three grants were given during the year.

Investment income is low.

I am very grateful for the support from my fellow Trustees and the Webmaster.


Helen Creery



The Trustees were very sad to accept the resignations of Mrs. Julia Scott who was the Administrator and hoping to reduce her workload and Mrs. Molly Larkin who resigned on grounds of ill health. They have both given freely of their time and we are extremely grateful for all that they have contributed over the past 10½ years. They will be greatly missed. We aim to appoint a new Trustee at the March 2018 meeting at which there will need to be a re-arrangement of Officers.

There were worthwhile applications for grants during the year which resulted in 3 of the Trustees visiting charities to which we were able to give substantial grants. None of these was associated with Dementia which had been designated as our charity focus until September. The next focal topic is Visual Impairment.

There has been limited interest income from our investments.

I am indebted to the Trustees, our Auditor and Webmaster for their contributions and assistance.


Helen Creery.



The Trust has held two meetings this year both of which have been attended by the same five Trustees.

Applications for grants continue to be disappointing and incomplete The Chair and Treasurer attended a local funding fair where they gave information which was received with considerable interest. There were no applications from charities associated with Deafness during the 12 month period of focus by the Trust. The focus until September 2017 is for charities associated with dementia. The trustees will take a further look at the website to see if it can be improved. The future of the Charity must be considered if future grant applications continue to be ineligible.

My gratitude goes to the Auditor, Webmaster, Administrator and Trustees for their contributions and assistance.


Helen Creery.



The Trust has held two brief meetings this year both of which have been attended by 5 Trustees.

The few valid applications have led to the meetings being brief. The intended focus for grants until 31.03.16. is Deafness there have been no applications from charities for the deaf and investigations into local trusts have been unsuccessful.

On a more positive note Rugby patients are now benefitting from a substantial grant to the Macular Unit of a local hospital in 2013. Three Trustees visited a specialist gymnasium which had purchased equipment with a grant and were very impressed with the difference that patients were achieving through use of the equipment.

Two local charities have been awarded grants this year.

A substantial sum was re-invested on maturity. Income exceeded expenditure this year.

I am indebted to the Auditor and Webmaster for their time and the Administrator and Trustees for their continuing support.


Helen Creery.



There has been almost 100% attendance by the Trustees at the two meetings held this year. Trustee Janet Hodgson kindly took over the post as Treasurer.

A considerable sum has been invested which has helped to boost the interest received by the Charitable Trust.

Grants have been given to two Charities. In general the applications received for grants have been of poor quality or 3rd. party applications.

Updated reports have been received from the beneficiaries of grants in 2013. Some trustees visited two charities that have received grants.

The Trustees have decided to focus on key areas of health on a 3 year rolling cycle from April 2015 deafness, dementia and visual impairment.

I am grateful to our Administrator and Treasurer for their work during the year and the Trustees for their continuing support. The Trustees are also indebted to our Auditor and Webmaster who give their services.


Helen Creery



The Charitable Trust held two grant meetings this year. There has been no change in the Trustees but the Treasurer for the past three years has had to resign from the post on compassionate grounds.. I am very grateful to her for her contribution and work on behalf of the Trust. Happily another Trustee has stepped in to fill the post.

I am indebted to the Administrator for her continuing work for the Trust. I would also like to thank the Trustees for their support and the Webmaster and Auditor for their work on behalf of the Trust.

The website was streamlined and simplified early in the year in the hope that the quality and quantity of applications would improve. Sadly, that has not happened at a time when bona fide charities are struggling to fundraise. Grants totalling 29,200 have been donated to charities who complied with our objects during the year.

An increase in investment income has been achieved during the year.

On behalf of the Trustees


Helen Creery.



The two Charitable Trust meetings this year were attended by all Trustees.
I am more than grateful for the unstinting work of our administrator and the support given by Trustees.

Trustees visited two projects funded by grants and an Open Evening for a new charity. Meetings were also held with applicants for grants to gain further knowledge of their applications.

During the year grants were given to Crossroads Care, Castel Froma, Cruse, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance, Rugby Young Carers, Age UK (Rugby) and Northants. REMAP.

The standard of applications has again been disappointing with many incomplete applications received.
A further update of the website is in progress.

Investment income has been negligible although a further sum has now been invested at a slightly enhanced rate.

On behalf of the Trustees


Helen Creery.
Dated: 23 April 2013.


The Charitable Trust held two meetings this year which were well attended by the trustees. The Chair was re-elected for a further 12 months at the Spring meeting which was brought forward because there were no valid grant applications and, one applicant who had a grant conditionally awarded in 2009 wished to change the use of the funding awarded.

The Trustees were happy to approve four grants at the Autumn meeting. Three trustees had visited one of the applicants.
Grants were awarded to Shakespeare Hospice, Rugby First Responders, Rugby Children's Contact Centre and REMAP Northamptonshire.
The grant awarded conditionally in 2009 had exceeded its time limit so the grant offer had to be withdrawn. We were sad to receive a refund from a charity which had had to close.

Unfortunately the quality of applications does not improve and many have to be rejected for lack of information. Charities which comply with our objects are desperately in need of funding and yet their applications are all too often incomplete.
The website has been further updated in an attempt to simplify grant applications.

Investment income has been negligible throughout 2011.

On behalf of the Trustees


Helen Creery.
Dated: 12 April 2012.


Two meetings were held during the year with good attendance by the same six Trustees. Two Trustees were appointed as joint Treasurers.

The March meeting approved grants to two new charities which had been visited by Trustees prior to the grants being awarded.
The major grant meeting in September awarded larger grants to three charities within our area and minor grants to several smaller local charities which had been researched by the Trustees.

A previous applicant for a grant which was approved, subject to appropriate funds being raised, has been advised that a further application in September 2011 will be necessary unless the matching funds have been raised prior to that date.

A local charity which had been supported by an annual payment for two years had to return the payment this year as the Charity had to close due to lack of funding.

The quality of applications has been poor with many having to be rejected on grounds of non compliance. The website has been further updated to try to clarify the application process.

This trust is dependant on income from investments which is virtually nil at present.

On behalf of the Trustees


Helen Creery.
Dated: 6 April 2011.


Three meetings were held during the year. There has been no change in the six trustees.

Applications for minor grants were considered at the January meeting and grants awarded for projects in two local hospices. Major grants were considered in September and one grant made with a second grant approved conditional on the recipient raising funds to achieve the shortfall for the project. Continuation grants were paid to two charities to whom the Trust had made a commitment in 2008. One charity that altered the project funded by the grant given was required to repay 50% of the grant.

Continuing low interest rates have reduced the income on the investments of this charity.

The trustees visited two applicants for grants and three recipients of grants to see how the grants had been spent. It was very rewarding to see the difference that the grants had made and the benefits appreciated by the recipients.

Further amendments have been made to the website to clarify the application process in an attempt to reduce the number of inadequate applications that have had to be rejected.

The trustees have benefitted from visiting charities who have applied for grants and been greatly rewarded by seeing the pleasure and improvements that grants awarded have brought to local charities.

On behalf on the board of trustees


Mrs Helen Creery
Dated: 27 April 2010.


Three meetings were held during the year - the September meeting being the major grants meeting. The trustees agreed to make medium to large grants to four local charities and a large grant to a Charity covering our area of operation. All the grants fell under the category of health and disability in accordance with the objects of the trust deed.

The sole source of income for this charity is through investing existing funds. Our income has reduced during the year due to the decrease in interest rates.

Five further trustees were registered with the Charity Commissioners in April bringing the total number to seven One newer trustee attended a charity workshop during the year.

All trustees attended meetings with Charities who had submitted applications for grants thus gaining additional, valuable experience.

One trustee tendered her resignation in November which was reluctantly accepted as her expertise will be missed.

The website went "live" in February and the Trust Guidelines were further updated during the year.

It has been an interesting year for all trustees, with many opportunities to learn. Helping worthy charities has been extremely rewarding.


Helen Creery.
Dated: 20 May 2009.


The audited accounts are submitted annually to the Charities Commision and can be inspected here.


Registered Charity in England and Wales No: 1118826
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