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Soroptimist International of Rugby Charitable Trust was registered as a charity on 16th April 2007 with the following objects:


  1. The relief of need of terminally ill or disabled persons and their families and carers.
  2. The relief of sickness and the protection and preservation of good health.

The five trustees bring with them a range of skills to administer the trust, ie, education and health, charity and business administration.

Mrs Helen Creery Chair
Mrs Janet Hodgson Administrator
Mrs Maureen Meadows Treasurer
Mrs Mary Lloyd  
Mrs Marion Llewellyn  

The trustees have completed a set of Guidelines which reflect their preferred focus for grant allocation which comply with the objects of the Trust.

The ‘Objects’ are intended to help applicants from Registered Charities (not individuals) assess whether they are eligible for consideration of a grant. Application is by competitive process and the trustees’ decision will reflect their assessment of each application and the balance of demand and funds available. If you do not hear from us following your application it means that, on this occasion, your request has been rejected. However, should this be the case please accept our apologies and feel free to reapply in the future. The Trustees’ decision is final and further negotiation will not be entered into.

The broad priorities within the ‘objects’ are:

  1. General Charitable Purposes (relevant to the objects)
  2. Medical/health/sickness
  3. Disability

The SI of Rugby Charitable Trust makes donations to support a range of charitable causes which are outlined in the section, ‘Objects’.

The trust has a strong emphasis upon helping charities that offer care and support for people who are terminally ill, or have a serious illness in accordance with our objects. Through charities, we also help elderly people who are vulnerable, isolated and in need. Funding is offered towards respite care, general care and support.


Primarily, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire with a preference for Rugby, Warwickshire.

The work of the SI of Rugby Charitable Trust is purely philanthropic. The Charitable Trust is managed through a private office.

Please refer to the Guidelines before making an application.


Registered Charity in England and Wales No: 1118826
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